Reseller of Sabre à Champagne

Who is eligible?

The philosophy of SabreaChampagne.Com is to promote the tradition of "beheading" champagne bottles. Our definition of "Reseller" is very large as long as the Sabers are made available (public or private members).

  • Online stores
  • Retailers
  • Private Clubs
  • Associations
  • Bars/Hotels/Restaurants
  • Individual Amateurs, etc.
  • Also welcome: "Value added reseller" (Engraver, etc.).


Have a reseller discount on merchandise.

With a minimum purchase of 5 Saber automatically benefit of 30%

Being listed as a Reseller on the official web-site ""

Which should include for each stores carrying the Sabre a Champagne: Addresses, text/description, Phone and fax numbers, e-mail, direct link to web-site, etc.

Being provided with pictures of the different items available.

Professionally done pictures will be provided in hard copy and digitized format to be used for any advertisement purpose: billboard, flyer, newsletter, web-site, etc.

Being provided with experienced "Champagne Sabreur".

For events such as "Champagne Tasting" or other promotions, an experienced "Sabreur" can be provided, at no cost, to open Champagne (currently limited to the Houston, TX area). Already "Sabered" bottles can be brought for display: i.e. Dom Perignon, Cristal, Comtes de Champagne, Magnum and impressive "Methuselah"


We are in progress to quickly expand the list of the benefits available to distributor/resellers. Please fell free to provide us with requests.

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The Only way, to Celebrate Champagne


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